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My name is David Sanz, i am born in Barcelona 37 years ago, i am brown, brown eyes, short brown hair, 1'78 m, and 74 kg weight, athletic build, short beard, shaved body, and no tattoos or piercings, Caucasian race.

My greatest desire is to make you feel full, for it is imperative that we forge a strong relationship, based on my commitment to satisfy each and every one of your fantasies.

As you can see, i am very jealous of my privacy, just as you can be sure that i will protect yours.

To initiate this relationship, it would be desirable to make me reach your most intimate desires, to be able to get involved emotionally in them.

The services are made by departures to hotel or home 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, they are charged per hour, from 100 euros, separate displacement.

Each service is unique, so it is necessary to tell me your fantasy so i can tell you the cost of it.

For weekends and trips: consult before available dates and personalized prices.

First of all feel at ease, trust that all this is strictly confidential.

For a first contact, you can call me, send me an e-mail or a message by Whatsapp.

i would like you to specify your fantasy with the greatest number of details so that i can correspond with it in the best way.

What do you expect...

David Sanz



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